Job Openings

When a full-time employment position with the Alabama SBDC Network at The University of Alabama becomes available, it will be advertised on the UA Jobs Website.  Positions at other centers will be filled via their respective host institution (see below).  Other SBDC jobs are available on the Association of Small Business Development Center’s website.

The Alabama SBDC engages part-time, independent contractor positions to assist with special projects based on need and demand for subject matter expertise. Individual candidates that feel they are qualified and would like to contribute to the mission of the Alabama SBDC Network, may review the notices below for specific requests for applications.

The following positions are available at UA or at other Alabama SBDC locations.  Please apply directly through the institutions posted below.

Full-time Employment Positions

Part-time Employment Positions

Part-time, Independent Contractor Positions

Applications for all UA Independent Contractor (Project Consultant) positions should be submitted here:

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Operating Principles 

  • Client-Driven Organization
    The future of the Alabama SBDC Network depends on creating satisfied clients. To this end, each client contact must be considered an opportunity to focus on client needs and desires. Responding quickly with individual attention to specific and carefully identified client needs, then seeking critical evaluation of performance are standard processes followed with each client and training attendee.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Providing consulting and training through a quality process and constantly seeking ways to improve that process are necessary to providing exceptional service. Fostering teamwork, eliminating physical and organizational barriers that separate people, establishing long-term relationships with partners and encouraging all to participate in quality improvement are some of the actions that demonstrate devotion to quality.
  • Innovation
    To innovate is to improve through change. Staff members constantly seek ways to improve methods and processes and assume a leadership role in trying new approaches to serve clients. Regular performance reviews, careful attention to client needs, participation in related organizations, and attending professional development workshops are some of the ways that innovation is supported.
  • Integrity
    The Alabama SBDC Network values integrity and will conduct all of its services in an ethical and consistent manner. We will do our best to provide honest advice to our clients with our primary motivation the success of the business. In return, we also expect our clients to be straightforward and share all information necessary to assist them in their business.


SBDC Business Advisors

PTAC Procurement Specialists


1. Business Planning, including Strategic Planning and Business Plan Development

2. Financial Analysis

3. Accounting

4. Marketing

5. Assistance with Access to Capital


6. Communication skills

7. Consulting/Counseling Techniques

CORE COMPETENCIES – PTAC Procurement Specialists

Adapted from the Association of PTAC’s Body of Knowledge (BOK).  Links are for current APTAC members only.


Program Requirements and Management

General Business Knowledge/Readiness for Government Procurements

Basics of Contracting with Government Entities

Specialized Knowledge

Government vs. Private Sector Procurement

Communication Skills

Employment February 8, 2018