Coming in 2021:
The Inclusivity Challenge purpose is to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses to improve their communities through building businesses that provide jobs, local services and benefits, and create wealth. As a business succeeds, it enables a certain lifestyle for the owner and employees, for their families, and for opportunities to invest in the future. This attracts not just aspiring entrepreneurs but also established businesses to join The Inclusivity Challenge.

The SBDC is committing to expanding outreach and services that bolsters impact in underserved communities. The Inclusivity Challenge helps assure that entrepreneurs in the target underserved markets are aware of the SBDC, feel welcomed and comfortable in engaging with the SBDC.

The Inclusivity Challenge is a results-driven project designed to demonstrably increase the number of women, minority, and rural businesses in Alabama.

There is no charge to participate.

Inclusivity Challenge March 26, 2021