The Paycheck Protection Program is deployed through financial institutions; you will apply with them directly, and not with SBA. Many lenders in Alabama have created online application portals for the PPP loan. They’re collecting documents, and submitting applications to SBA’s internal database. Lenders that have never before participated in SBA programs have applied for access, and are preparing to accept applications. You can find a list of participating lenders on SBA’s website.

However, most banks are only accepting applications from current customers, which is a major obstacle for many small businesses in Alabama.  Owners that bank with a local lender that doesn’t participate in the SBA programs have been challenged to find an access point.

Lenders ask, “Why is my institution not on the list? We’re accepting applications from non-customers.” The Alabama SBDC team reviewed hundreds of lender websites. Many sites specifically indicated that they are “only accepting applications from current customers.” For those sites that did not, we looked for any indication that they were accepting applications; many sites lack any mention of PPP or Paycheck Protection. When in doubt, we emailed the bank to confirm their position on PPP applications. If we did not get a response, we erred on the side of caution, and did not include their name below. To be added to the list, please contact us.

The information below is subject to change, as lenders may decide to stop offering access to non-customers at any point.
Note: The Alabama SBDC is not endorsing any of these institutions; this list is provided to help business owners evaluate their options for accessing the PPP loan.

Non-Customer PPP Application Acceptance:

Paycheck Protection Program - Lenders in Alabama / Non-Customers