Alabama PTAC: Procurement Technical Assistance

The government buys everything, and selling to the government can be a profitable venture. Each year the federal government purchases more than $200 billion worth of goods and services. State and municipal governments spend more than $20 billion annually.

The Alabama SBDC Network helps new entrepreneurs realize their dream of business ownership, and assists existing businesses to remain competitive in the complex marketplace of an ever-changing global economy. In an effort to help Alabama’s small business community tap into the lucrative world of government contracting, the University of Alabama hosts the Procurement Technical Assistance Program of Alabama, which is deployed through six partner universities of the Alabama SBDC Network. The Alabama SBDC Network has been offering procurement advising and assistance since its inception in 1981, and is the only program available to small businesses statewide.

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The Guide to Government Contracting for Alabama Small Businesses has been prepared by the Alabama Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) and the Alabama SBDC Network to help small businesses in Alabama win government contracts.  The Alabama SBDC Network’s Procurement Program provides confidential, one-on-one technical assistance to help small businesses in Alabama expand sales of goods and services and strengthen the state’s economy.

This guide will help you understand the world of government contracting, what is required to pursue this fascinating business opportunity, and if selling goods and services to the government is a viable option to grow your small business.  We strongly recommend that you work with one of our Procurement Specialists to avoid any missteps.  Mr. Jerry D. Ellison manages the Network’s PTAC program, and would be glad to talk with you about procurement opportunities; Please call 205-348-1687.

Alabama PTAC services include:

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This publication was made possible due to the cooperation between several agencies of the State of Alabama, including the Alabama Department of Commerce – the Office of Small Business Advocacy, theState Finance Department- Division of Purchasing, and the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs – Office of Minority Business Enterprises.  We express our sincere appreciation for their assistance with the publication, but moreover, their leadership and commitment to assist small businesses to expand.