In 2015, Becky Stayner approached the Alabama Small Business Development Center (“SBDC”) Network on referral from Suzanne Martin – a former administrator at Samford University and the client’s neighbor – who had an informal relationship with the program.  Becky’s dream centered on the creation of handmade leather goods, such as purses and wallets.

Her proposed endeavor – Biscuit Leather Co. – would utilize an independent contractor model, whereby her contractors would purchase a “kit” and then be given various projects as it relates to the sewing and creation of these leather goods.  She would then host local events and channel her efforts through “by local,” custom-feel mentality, centering on the high-end nature of her products.  At the time, the client knew her craft, but needed to understand how the business model would work – turning to the Alabama SBDC Network for guidance.

“…Hand crafted leather bags, purses, totes, clutches in Birmingham, Alabama …Soft and buttery like a fresh, hot biscuit!”
– Becky Stayner, Biscuit Leather Co.

Soon after working with the Greater Birmingham SBDC, the client launched her new enterprise – blossoming into a high demand business with affluent clientele throughout the Birmingham-metroplex.

By the end of 2015 and 2016, revenues had increased from basically $0 to $20,070.  By the fall of 2017, revenues had jumped by more than 65% – moving from the client’s home and into a full-time, dedicated workshop.  She also has four (4) contractors with her, creating high-end leather materials sold throughout the region.

To this day Becky and Biscuit Leather Co., continue to be poised for continued growth.  They credit the Alabama SBDC Network, and the Greater Birmingham SBDC in particular, for their continued to success.

Biscuit Leather – Hand-crafted success February 7, 2018