Robert Armstrong offering us his Chocolate Pecan cookies at G Mommas Cookies in on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015 in Selma, Ala. (Photo by Jeff White/Invision for Intuit/AP Images)

“I like to create, and I love a challenge. I never baked before starting the business, but I had a ‘hunch’ that the product was good enough to get some traction,” stated Robert.  An entrepreneur from a young age, Robert Armstrong dabbled in multiple business ventures before settling on G Mommas cookies.

It was at a Christmas party with his family when Robert first got the idea to start baking. His grandmother, affectionately called “Gammy,” baked bite-sized cookies for all of the family “get-togethers,” and the family could not get enough. At one point, his father remarked, “Mama you should market these cookies because these are good!” And for Robert, the idea was born. With his grandmother’s help, and his love to create, “G Mommas Southern Style Bite Size Cookies” started in 2009.

Early on, production capacity and wide distribution were the greatest obstacles the company faced. Robert started with a lien against his car and baked in a small empty restaurant for almost two years, putting the business on pause until he could figure out how to make a “real” business out of it.

As Robert worked to scale his business, he called on the Alabama SBDC at the University of Alabama for assistance. “The Alabama SBDC has been a great partner for us, and has given us the ability to obtain vital information that helped us continue moving the business forward that would have otherwise either taken us considerable time pulling together or expense hiring a consultant. I’ve worked with them over the last 8 years in many different areas and it’s helped us move our business forward faster.” The business has now outgrown the ability to bake everything onsite. They currently use a contract bakery and then package, warehouse, and distribute from their Selma facility.

The company’s mission is bigger than cookies. Selma Good Company uses high-quality ingredients that are supporting not only a business but also a community. Selma Good Company hires employees through a program called the Fatherhood Initiative. It is designed to help at-risk men get back on their feet, find work, and become employable so that they can support their families. “The ultimate dream behind the company is to bless and do good things here in Selma.”

Today, G Mommas cookies are found in Winn Dixie, Publix, Walmart, Piggly Wiggly,, convenience stores, and many independent stores around the country.

G Momma’s Cookies- Making good things happen in Selma February 7, 2018