The University of Alabama Economic Development Alliance was formed in early 2012 to focus on the goal of expanding UA’s role in economic development outreach in Alabama. The Alliance consists of centers from across campus engaged full time in outreach that offer a diverse range of expertise and technical assistance available to help industry, organizations, and communities in the state and region. The economic outreach units below work together to serve as catalysts, facilitators, and collaborators for using the resources, expertise and intellectual assets of The University of Alabama to build and sustain viable economic opportunities throughout the state. The Alliance actively promotes its services and welcomes your inquiry:

Alliance Goals

  • Provide direct assistance to businesses, state and local organizations, and communities to help solve real world problems and grow the state’s economy
  • Match specific industry and economic development needs and inquiries to UA expertise
  • Create opportunities for UA faculty, staff, and students to provide service while expanding their learning

Connect with UA Resources for Economic Development

The University of Alabama’s numerous outreach centers and service programs turn faculty and staff expertise and student initiative into accessible resources for Alabama businesses and communities to create economic impact in Alabama.  As an integral part of UA’s on-going mission of service, a variety of resources are available, including expertise and technical assistance in the following areas:

  • Economic research and analysis
  • Economic development and planning
  • Energy and environmental assessments
  • Engineering, design, and materials research
  • Entrepreneurship and business development
  • International trade development
  • Manufacturing assistance
  • Research and development
  • Regulatory compliance

UA Economic Development Alliance Outreach Centers